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The ground upon which we walk every day is a source of life for tens of thousands of living organisms, and furthermore it is essential in providing us with all kinds of vital agricultural produce. However, much of Taiwan's agricultural land currently faces the serious problems of acidification and solidification, caused by increasing environmental pollution brought by industrial development and the vast array of chemical fertilizers used to produce larger and richer harvests. This has, in turn, made health eating a more important and difficult consideration in our everyday lives than ever before.

In the past few years, as the concept of natural growing techniques has become more and more deeply imbued in the nation's conscience, many non-polluting organic farming techniques have started to emerge, with an emphasis on not using chemical fertilizers. However, the efforts of organic cultivation have thus far faced an uphill struggle. The serious damage already sustained by the soil environment, compounded by the increasingly serious problem of acid rain, has meant that these efforts have thus far been unable to achieve the true purity of production towards which they strive.

Sulphate radicals and nitrate radicals created by chemical fertilizers and industrial pollution is the prime cause behind the phenomena of soil acidification and solidification. Nion ionized water, which contains high levels of ionized mineral substances and negative electrons, offers a unique solution to this problem and represents a major breakthrough for organic farming. The large quantity of negative electrons in ionized water are able to neutralize all kinds of acidic compounds, completely altering the characteristics of the soil, and thus, through continual irrigation, the problem of soil acidification can be completely solved.

Furthermore, Nion ionized water, which is mildly alkaline due to having a large quantity of mineral substances, can play a neutralizing role in highly acidic agricultural land, and through continual irrigation can improve the soil environment as a whole, gradually returning the physical and chemical properties of the soil to normal.

Nion ionized water can also create an excellent breeding environment for beneficial microorganisms , which are in turn able to break down residual chemical fertilizers in the soil, which can then be absorbed by the plants.

Using Nion ionized water to irrigate soil is not only effective in maintaining a balanced soil pH and promoting the breeding of beneficial microorganisms, but can also markedly reduce the damage sustained to soil by acid rain. As industrial pollution has increased, the contamination of soil by acid rain has become more and more serious, but Nion ionized water, however, is able to negate the toxic effect of acid rain and other chemical pollutants.

Nion ionized water has already achieved outstanding results in the Beixin Organic Farm in Danshui. Organic fruits and vegetables grown using Nion ionized water have not only been full of vitality in appearance, but have been fragrant and sweet to taste, as if regaining their original pure, natural flavour, and have thus gained broad praise from consumers.

According to Mr Jian of the Beixin Organic Farm, the usage and management of water source is the most important of the 3 fundamental requirements for success in organic farming, and Nion ionized water can thus be said to bring instant results and a far-reaching positive impact to organic farming. The greatest benefit that ionized water brings to crops is that it allows the plants absorb the three fertilizers phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in a balanced manner. Even in exceptionally wet weather conditions plants are still able to grow to their full potential, increasing harvests by 10-30%. The exceptional effects of Nion ionized water are such than even Mr Jian, winner of the 2005 Shennong Organic Growing Prize, could not help declaring that "the water contains sunlight".

Other benefits that ionized water can bring to organic farming include:

>> improving the physical and chemical nature of soil

>> balancing the pH of soil

>> fostering beneficial microorganisms

>> decreasing instances of plant diseases and improving pest control

>> preventing and decomposing solid nitrogen fertlizers in the soil

>> reducing the amount of organic fertilizer needed

>> extending possible cultivation periods

>> reducing necessary fallow periods

With its many advantages, ionized water will breathe a new lease of life into the organic farming process and spearhead its move into a new, purer future.

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