>> Nion EMI/ESD Protector <<

The Nion EMI/ESD Protector

@@Giving you Best Protection in the Ocean of EM Waves


X DThe EMI Shielding Effectiveness is high to 70 dB, and the EMF Shielding Rate is high
@@ than 99.9999%.
X DHigh hardness (Not peeled off in Hundred-Lattice Test), Strong Cohesion
X DTotally excluded from the heavy metal, follow the environmental protection restriction
X DLight weight, thin, ultra-flexibility, fortitudinous, easy to convert or coherence.
X DFree to cut to the designed size and shape, and stick to anywhere necessary,
@ @convenient to use


X DShielding the EM Waves from the mobile phone and communication base, also
@@ strengthen the reception and distribution of the signals
X DThe absorption and shielding of EM Waves from CPU and monitors
X DThe absorption and shielding of EM Waves from the computer storehouse, substation
@@ storehouse and power supply equipment
X DSolution to the interference of EMI/EMC
X DSolution to the interference of communication equipments
X DSolution to the EMI of the hospital equipments
X DThe EMI shielding materials of car electronic device
X DThe absorption and shielding of EM Waves from the home electronic appliances like
@@ the magnetic induction heating plate, microwave oven and hair drier
X DThe shielding and protection of EM Waves high-risk group
X DThe protection of EM Waves for gravida, housewife and baby.
X DThe application in the shielding building materials (wall materials, floor materials, court
@@ materials, drape)
X DThe shielding materials of the EM Waves Isolation Room

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