No matter if it's indoor, on the move or even next to the skin, the Nion Generator series have various products to meet your need. Enjoy fresh air, clean environment and delightful feelings brought to you by great amount of negative ions.
Sip the water enriched by pure & active negative ions and ionized minerals & microelements.
The most effective and convenient way to prevent the damage of Electromagnetic waves and Static electricity.

D Raise the level of Clean Room (Eliminate the static to
@ force dust fall down on the ground, prevent the dust
@ floating)
D Significantly improve the product efficiency Rate
D Clean up the dust-free clothing
D Restrain the virus and bacteria in the air, eliminate
@ smoke, decompose poisonous gas and kill the allergy
D Improve the Indoor Air Quality
D Create a forest-like working environment filled with
@ negative ions, improve the working efficiency

DUsing Original Nion High-Polymer Materials
DCool, Breathable, Comfortable and Fit-Adjustable

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