>> Nion Water Dispenser <<

2-Stage Temperature Control
(warm, hot)

PowerˇG110/ 220V
Net WeightˇG19.6kg

3-Stage Temperature Control
(cold, warm, hot)

PowerˇG110/ 220V
Net Weight ˇG40kg

ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@The World's Only High-Quality Ionized Water

Utilizing exclusively patented Nion technology, the Nion Water Ionizer releases large amounts of negative ions into water to produce ionized water of superior quality.

Nion Ionized Water has the following unique features:
ˇ± Stably ionizes minerals and microelements crucial to the human body
ˇ± High oxygen-carrying capacity ˇ± Effectively eliminates chlorine ˇ± Crisp, refreshing taste ˇ± Smaller clusters of water molecules allow for easier absorption by the human body
ˇ± Its mildly alkaline character is ideally suited to the pH of the human body
ˇ± It is a vital energy source

Nature's most pristine water is derived from melted snow that has flowed from mountains for millennia, thus absorbing immense amounts of negative ions in its travels through natural geologic formations. Nion Ionized water is unique in that it is manufactured through the use of negative ions in a similar manner, hence accounting for its clean, pure state.

The use of Nion ionized water in diverse settings including factories, the food industry, and wastewater treatment has shown impressive results in the improvement of water quality.

ˇ· Industrial Applications

Nion ionized water reduces the degree of incrustation and bacterial formation within water pipes and aqueducts, consequently contributing to more efficient conduction of water, enhancing water quality and decreasing the level of environmental wastewater pollution.

ˇ· Agricultural Applications

Nion ionized water reduces the incidence of crop disease by minimizing water-borne illnesses due to microorganisms, improving pest control, and increasing beneficial soil organisms. In addition, it helps decompose the solid nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus fertilizers in the soil, allowing crops to better absorb ground nutrition and consequently raising crop quality and quantity.

ˇ· Residential Applications

Nion ionized water eliminates foul odors, the incrustation of water pipes, and enhances water quality. When used on a daily basis at home ˇV whether it be for cooking, washing clothes or dishes, taking a shower, and so forth ˇV Nion ionized water significantly improves general cleanliness and health.

ˇ· Closest Form to Natural's Most Pristine Water

Nion ionized water is optimal for consumption given its considerable amount of ionized minerals as well as its mildly alkaline character ˇV qualities which endow it with a purity equivalent to nature's most pristine water.

ˇ· Water Purification

Nion ionized water prevents algae overgrowth, reduces bacterial infestation, supports water ecology, and decreases eutrophication. It helps eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes in stagnant waters such as that found in sewer systems. Moreover, Nion ionized water can revitalize acid soils and soils exposed to toxins.

ˇ· Small Clusters of Water Molecules

Nion ionized water consists of only 6 to 8 water molecules, much smaller than normal tap or distilled water, hence allowing for easier absorption by the body.

ˇ· Elimination of chlorine residue and colon bacillus

In tests performed by the Environmental Science Center of Yuen-Ze University, Nion ionized water has been shown to effectively eliminate chlorine residue and the propagation of coliform bacteria.

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