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>>>A Brief Introduction of Dynas International Corporation<<<

Dynas International Corp. was established in 2001 as the frontier of the nanotechnology. We have devoted ourselves to apply the Nion Technology, the leading technology in the nanotechnology field nowadays, to negative ionizer in terms of environmental and life protection. Currently, we mainly aim at developing a variety of products utilizing the Nion Technology to satisfy the needs from every category, such as anti-electromagnetic waves, antirust, isolation, preventing static electricity, and the process of compound metals.

Nion Technology is the technology which adeptly utilizing the PFT, the abbreviation of Polymer Fusion Technology, to compound different aggregation of nanometer size carbon element materials to become Fullerene, the high or super-high polymer materials with various kinds of attributes for our use. Nion Technology is moving forward to the extensive and delicate electrons and ions world, which is head and shoulder above the current nano technology research field and is the frontier in business nowadays. Nion Technology is the pearl on the crown of the nano technology, and could initiate the fourth industrial revolution.

We apply the technology of Polymer Fusion Technology and electric-catalyst to developing Nion Superconductor Ionizer, which is capable of producing over two million negative ions per c.c. within one second. The electric machine can release a considerable number of electrons, i.e. negative ions produced during the course of molecular resonance.

Dynas International Corp. will continue to explore and experiment the application of Nion Technology to different aspects, like the protection of environment, human health or other species. We will also keep up the continuous effort on the development of high-polymer, like high polymer batteries, etc. Besides the industrialism, our first priority is to contribute our power to make this world better, and take the responsibility as one of the members in the global village.

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